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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scatological Observations of a 4-year-old

Warning:  many excrement related and potty-training relevant discussion below.  This is the unfortunate byproduct of finally potty-training the child - so much attention has been paid to her potty trips that she now has, well, an obsession with crap.

Me:  "Katherine, you better make a potty try before we get in the car."
Katherine:  "It's OK Mommy - My poo is staying safe in my butt.  It doesn't need to come out."
3 minutes after strapping her into her car seat:
Katherine:  "My poo is ready to leave my butt now."

Katherine: "Why doesn't the dog use the potty?  Ewwww he's poo-ing in the yard!  Let's get some toilet paper and show him how to flush it down the potty!"

Katherine: "Poo is the Daddy and Pee is the Mommy" (wha?)

Nearly every time she goes potty, one of the following (sometimes more than one):

"I had a lot of pee! Lots and lots"
"My poo was LOUD this time"
"My poo took a loooooooong time"
"I peed AND I poo'd!"
"My poo is (brown, dark, curly, smelly, funny looking, etc etc etc"

And of course, since I am a mother and therefore am entitled to absolutely no privacy whatsoever:

Katherine (pounding on the door of the bathroom): "Mommy!  Are you in there? Are you making a poo?  Let me in I want to see what kind!!!  Mommmmmeeeee!"

11:48 am edt 

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