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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week 11?  Or is it 12?  Who knows, the days are blending together.
So yes, to those who have asked, I am still sick with this stupid, stupid virus.  I am sleeping 15 hours a day, this ridiculous fever continues unabated and I have watched all 7 seasons of the West Wing.  The worst part, or really, one of several worst parts, is that I can't even read for 20 minutes without getting a splitting headache.
I go out daily for my doctor-approved 1/2 hour of errands or whatever, then I come home and sleep that massive excersion off for 2 hours.  I previously said of this illness that I would have loved it when I was 15, all this laying around watching TV, but that at 39 years old it sucks.  At this point I think even my 15 year old self would have had enough already.
I know I'm lucky, it could have been much worse, and it was a relief finally getting a diagnosis.  But I miss my LIFE.  I miss walking my dog, I miss work, I miss playing with the kids...
Yeah yeah, whine whine whine.  I'm definitely feeling sorry for myself at the moment. I'll post again when I'm not so pissy.
I hope everyone else is doing well.  I welcome any DVD suggestions.
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