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Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Act of Blogging 7/24/07


Back in the stone age of cellular technology, cell phones were as big as a brick and almost as heavy.  I remember seeing people using them only occasionally, usually yelling into them because there was so little technology supporting them and they could hardly be heard.  These people invariably looked either slightly embarrassed when using them, or massively self-important to have such a remarkable thing a portable, wireless phone!  See, Im a cutting-edge BIG SHOT!


Then came the era of the smaller, less obvious cell phone.  Not yet ubiquitous, it was very confusing to me to see people walking down the street, yelling into their hands.  In NYC, one usually assumes that such a person has lost their mind, regardless of their Calvin Klein suit.


Now, of course, the rotten things are everywhere. Even worse, they now fit into your ear, so its harder still to tell the crazy people talking to themselves from those simply on a call.  Many have ranted about how obnoxious people can be, thinking that they absolutely must be on the phone all the time in the theater, on the subway, during a meeting, while having open-heart surgery, etc.  Most of us cell detractors have reluctantly accepted this part of our brave new world not me, however.  I hate the damn things.  But such is life these days.


But I ask you, when did it become de rigeur to talk on a cell phone while you are IN A STALL in a PUBLIC BATHROOM?  What is so damn important that you have to make a call while sitting on the toilet?  I dont want to pee while the person in the stall next to me is yelling at their spouse about paying to much for airline tickets, or making dinner plans (Ew!  You are on the TOILET!), or just chatting away Hi! (pause) Nah, Im not doing anything, just thought Id touch base a sample of a real conversations I had the displeasure of hearing in a public bathroom.


The first time it happened, I felt uncomfortable flushing, like it was rude or might embarrass the moron in the stall chatting away give away their position, so to speak.  Then I thought better of it just flush, its not my problem that they choose to be so gross. 


Now when it happens, I flush TWICE.




Grumpy McLuddite


PS:  I know a million people have blogged the same issue, and I dont care.  So there.  Fffffft.


10:22 am edt 

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random act of blogging 7-25-07
I had years of ballet as a child - years.  Posture, balance, spinning without getting dizzy, complicated footwork, etc. 
As a bartender, I was able to answer the phone, ring up an order and pour mixed drink all at the same time without dropping anything (or getting the orders wrong). 
As a mother, I have been known to nurse one child with one arm while helping the older child tie a pair of shoes with the other arm.
One would think that a person who could do all these things could be trusted to walk barefoot for 4 feet in her own home with injuring herself, right?  I mean, that person I described up there is no klutz, and shows great coordination, right?  Right?
Not so much.  I did, indeed, get up from bed the other night to walk the 4 feet from the bed to the bathroom and managed to stub my pinky toe SO HARD I CUT OFF THE TIP OF IT.  Gross, I know.  But really that is exactly what I did.
Anyway, there are new pix up.  Don't worry, none of them are of my toe.
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